A group of Bali ducks.
Origin Indonesian Islands
Class Lightweight
Egg Production 120-250 per year
Weight Drakes 5.0 lbs
Ducks 4.5 lbs
Status Endangered

The Bali is one of the oldest domestic breeds, dating back thousands of years. In North America and Europe, it is also known as the Balinese Crested or Crested Runner.


Balis are identical to Indian Runners in body and characteristics- the only difference the former having a stockier body, broader shoulders, and a crested head. Standing at attention, body carriage is 60-75 degrees above horizontal. [1]


  • White (main variety)
  • Brownish shades
  • "Mallard" pattern


Sources and referencesEdit

  1. Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks pg. 35, "Description"

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