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This article is about the generic breed.
See the "Varieties" section for the different kinds.
Pairs of Khaki Campbells.
Origin England
Class Lightweight
Egg Production 250-340 per year
Weight Drakes 4.5 lbs
Ducks 4.0 lbs
Status Fairly common

The Campbell is a domestic duck bred by Adele Campbell during the late 1800s. Known for its prolific egg-laying abilities, Campbells are crossbreeds between Penciled Runners and Rouens, with a strain of Mallard for hardiness.[1]


Campbells are described as active and streamlined, with a moderately long head, bill, neck, and body. [2]

Drakes have greenish-bronze heads, with the rest of their body a warm khaki brown. Legs and feet are a dark orange and the bill is a dark green. Ducks are khaki-colored all over, with a greenish-black bill and body-colored legs/feet.[3]


* - varieties have been produced, but are not standardized.


Sources and referencesEdit

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