Gray Call
Docdg BIG
A pair of Gray Calls.
Origin  ?
Class Bantam
Egg Production 25-75 per year[1]
Weight Drakes 1.6 lbs
Ducks 1.4 lbs
Status Common

The Gray Call is a breed of domestic duck- hence its name, it is a gray (otherwise known as "Mallard colored") variety of the Call. Its creator and timeframe of creation is unknown.


Gray Calls resemble Mallards or Rouens most out of all varieties. Drakes have beetle-green heads, deep-colored breasts, and gray feather plumage. Ducks are light brown with a mottled feather pattern.

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Sources and referencesEdit

  1. Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks pgs. 20-21

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