A flock of Orpingtons.
Origin Europe
Class Mediumweight
Egg Production 150-220 per year
Weight Drakes 8.0 lbs
Ducks 7.0 lbs
Status Fairly common

The Orpington (otherwise known as the Buff Orpington) is a breed of duck originated in England by William Cook during the early 20th century[1]. This breed was created by blending Cayuga, Runner, production-bred Aylesbury, and Rouen and then selecting desired progeny. [2]


In conformation, Orpingtons are similar to Cayugas- the only significant differences between the two is that Orpingtons should have slightly longer bodies, and its bill should be slightly higher on its head. Body carriage is approximately 20 degrees above horizontal.[3]

Drakes have gray heads, grayish/brown plumage, orange feet and golden-yellow bills. Ducks are a light tan with orange feet and yellow-orange bill.


Buff is the only variety known to exist.


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