This article is about the generic breed.
See the "Varieties" section for the different kinds.
A flock of mixed-color Swedishes
Origin Pomerania
Class Mediumweight
Egg Production 100-150 per year [1]
Weight Drakes 8.0 lbs
Ducks 7.0 lbs
Status Fairly common

The Swedish is a domestic duck first bred by farmers in Europe as early as 1835. They were imported into North America in 1884 and included in the APA Standard in 1904.


Compared to Cayugas and Orpingtons, Swedish are broader and shorter in body length, giving it a stockier appearance. The head is oval shaped, and the bill is of medium length. It has a body carriage of 20 degrees above horizontal. [2]

This breed is exceptionally hardy, produces superior meat, and has good camouflage.




Sources and referencesEdit

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